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Our Story

What if a new church declared and displayed the beauty, goodness and truth of Christ for all to see? After much prayer and entranced by Christ's command to "Go and make disciples," we resolved to make the Father's pursuing love of our Indian Land neighbors our first concern. Just as a blazing, yellow-orange Aspen lives within and contrasts with the surrounding evergreens, we prayed for an opportunity to begin a new contrast community. Not just seeking to be different for difference's sake, this new community would learn to connect with the culture in matters of common grace but also confront values and actions that degrade our humanity and dishonor God.  Christ called this constructive dialogue with culture being salt and light. We were burdened for those who wanted to help us start a new church, some who have never been discipled, others who have drifted from Christ during the covid pandemic and those who have deconstructed their faith. The seed was planted in March of 2022. Christianity’s unique understanding of God and the human story saturates our lives with meaning and offers something better. We met and shared life together because we wanted to grow in this faith, be more fully alive and serve others as best we can. God richly supplied the Indian Land YMCA as the new community’s gathering place. We wanted to design a place of worship, formation and mission where honest questions would be met with honest answers in an atmosphere of grace and patient curiosity. Many of our neighbors have imagined that the story of God is simply undesirable and uninteresting. Instead, Aspen Grove seeks to inspire learners to believe that Christ's beauty is brighter, His goodness is greater and His truth is more transcendent than anyone could ever imagine. We began this new adventure to inspire a broader imagination through a new church where wonder is awakened by the Spirit of the living God.  In January of 2023, Aspen Grove Church opened her doors wide to welcome everyone to gaze upon Christ.  Would you consider joining God's unfolding story as we reimagine the reality and relevance of Christ's reign?

Exploring Christianity?

Whatever your age, religious beliefs, political leanings, preferred attire, economic bracket, profession, ethnicity, culture, marital status, or music taste, we want to be a place where you can process the claims of Christianity and grow in your relationship with God.

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