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Gospel Culture

What is Gospel Culture?

The gospel culture of Aspen Grove expresses our shared stories, ideas, values and practices.

It is what Jesus is doing through us because of what he has already done for us.


Specifically, Aspen's gospel culture is the honesty, honor and rejoicing that flows out of us when the grace of Jesus is flowing into us.


As a "for you" culture, we cultivate an atmosphere of grace, safety and time.


Grace:  It is ok to not be ok.  Disfavor and rejection are not on a hair trigger in our community; compassion and forgiveness are.  We aren’t into scorekeeping, earning points, or balancing the books with God. Grace liberates by putting us into a right relationship with God because of what Jesus has done for us, not what we do for him. Our security lies in the status God gives us in his Son, not a status we gain through our performance. 


Safety: We are laid back.  We love to show up how we are.  It is safe to be vulnerable because our environment is sinner-safe (Luke 15).  Though we won’t water down the law’s demands, we know that God is against our sin only because He is for our flourishing and the upholding of His beautiful glory.  The question is not “will we challenge sin?” but “How will we challenge sin, and with what motivation will we challenge it?”  God’s desire is that we live by His design, which is life to us.  


Time: And one can take all the time he or she needs to experience change. We are not in a hurry. We provide space to breathe, be, become, and be curious. The Spirit grows fruit slowly but perceptively.

* Adapted from Immanuel Nashville's Gospel Culture

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